Consistency: The Key to Creating an Immersive Experience for Theme Construction Projects

In the fourth part of our in-depth series that explores solutions for themed construction projects, we take a deep dive into the element of consistency. The complexities of a themed project require consistency in execution, steered toward creating an immersive experience based on a designed vision that fulfills visitors’ expectations. 

Consistency on its own is an umbrella term with multiple aspects — spanning technology, building materials, safety practices, and SOPs when onboarding technicians for a project. A systematic and formulaic approach establishes the general structure for a themed project, regardless of scope or quantity. 

Essentially, consistency gives you greater control over the construction costs of complex themed projects, mitigating the effects of potential exposures (i.e., volatile variables such as economic crises, materials shortage, and supply chain disruptions) that profoundly impact construction progress. 

Standardize Core Construction Practices 

As an owner or decision-maker, it is essential to ensure that sub-contractors, technicians, designers, and every other contributor stick to a standard operating procedure (SOP). 

A complex themed project involves many cross-disciplinary professionals, from engineers and testers to designers. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure each group gains access to the respective tools and processes needed to streamline and optimize their roles and collaboration. 

The SOP should apply across all job sites and include preventive practices — such as how workers respond to a technical malfunction — as well as inspection routines, and other steps required to meet industry compliance. 

Create a Feeling of Familiarity—The Disneyland Experience 

While there are five Disneyland theme park resorts situated across the world (found in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China), each venue provides guests with a familiar experience. Visitors stepping through the front gate of a Disneyland park can expect the same treatment regardless of each venue’s cultural and geographical nuances. 

Disneyland projects preserve the consistency of the original park layout — complex ride mechanisms hidden behind elaborate and fantastically designed structures, coupled with convenient transportation throughout the premises. While there are necessary differences in the design of each Disneyland attraction, they follow a consistent blueprint. 

This blueprint includes dividing the park into sections such as Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street U.S.A. Each wing features distinct design elements, such as specific color schemes and ride installations, applied across all Disneyland theme park constructions. 

Building an immersive themed construction project involves creating or recreating a scene that visitors can immediately associate with your branding and construction style, regardless of venue. 

Work Around an Underlying Concept

In some cases, consistency may take the form of a core concept that drives the direction of a themed construction project. For example, sustainability lies at the foundation of Stadium 974’s design concept, a project situated in Qatar preparing for the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup. 

Stadium 974 serves as the first fully demountable stadium in World Cup history. Builders intend to dismantle its modular structure — made up of repurposed shipping containers — after the global event and reassemble it later into smaller arenas. The core theme of sustainability shapes other aspects of the project as well, such as incorporating gaps between seats to facilitate ventilation, preventing the need for artificial cooling installations. 

Construction experts who work around a fundamental construction concept keep projects on track while providing visitors with an immersive experience at every touchpoint. 

Use Versatile Materials 

Aside from aesthetics, using versatile building materials for your construction project eliminates the delays and disruptions caused by unexpected supply chain bottlenecks. 

Versatile materials such as flexible and self-compacting concrete can help you create a consistent and immersive experience for themed projects without relying on centralized suppliers or logistic chain stock. As such, these materials provide greater flexibility in planning construction costs. 

BIM (building information modeling) software can help you decide on the most suitable building material options by creating a digital twin of your themed construction project. Aside from initial project designs, BIMs can help you test the structural integrity of proposed upgrades and plan future developments as part of your construction solutions. 

However, even the most advanced BIM software lacks seamless interoperability between project contributors, potentially resulting in the loss of information, disagreements, and legal issues. That’s where a construction consulting expert can come in to provide the proper context, communication, and solutions. 

WCCI — Your Trusted Expert in Construction Solutions 

WCCI provides customized consultations and construction solutions according to your project needs. Our team of industry experts offers specialized construction knowledge and skills from diverse backgrounds, giving you comprehensive support in managing the most sophisticated themed projects. 

It is challenging for owners, decision-makers, and developers to keep up with the latest macro and micro factors that drive construction budgets and timelines — on top of overseeing technical tasks and labor across multiple job sites. 

By partnering with a reliable consultant like WCCI, you can focus on handling on-the-ground duties while our industry professionals back your project decisions with astute market observations, relevant experience, and real-time data. 

We specialize in navigating the most complex construction projects, including commercial buildings, public parks, and stadiums. Our specialists have developed exceptional attention to detail over the years, a critical trait when dealing with complex projects where the slightest deviation in construction costs can change the course of a project. 

Start a conversation with one of our experts by contacting WCCI today to optimize your construction ROI with detailed planning and cost estimates for the best outcomes.

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