Increase Client Satisfaction and Construction Management with Cost Consulting

Company Profile

Construction consultancy Howes & Company represents owners, investors, and developers through the planning, development, and construction of their projects. Based in Orlando, Florida, Howes & Company supports a broad range of commercial projects, from theme parks and resorts to retail, office, and warehouse. Their services range from RFP’s and permits, to contractor management and budgeting. Howes & Company excels at protecting and advancing their clients’ needs throughout the development process. 


Exceptional attention to detail gained Howes & Company a reputation for reliability and client success. Founder and owner Jerry Howes had worked with WCCI before opening his consultancy. Recognizing the value of WCCI’s accumulated experience, he often recommends WCCI to his own clients. Howes & Company utilizes WCCI to improve communications with clients, navigating anticipated cost impacts to their complex projects while demonstrating their value as a trusted and resourced advisor. 


Project Challenge

When Howes & Company hired WCCI to check a contractor’s pricing for one particular client, their analysis came back higher than the contractor’s estimate. Puzzled, Howes & Company looked more deeply into the assessment. Although the project had a structural design, WCCI uncovered a significant section of wall that had no wall footing on the foundation plan. WCCI included in their estimate projected costs for this structural element, giving Howes & Company the advantage of proactively addressing the design gap. 


A singular contractor may not always have the resources to catch adjustments, but WCCI’s foresight and expertise are expansive and highly specialized, drawing from over 4,000 projects worldwide. Their ability to access varied designs and bring verified data points helps Howes & Company with project budgeting.


How WCCI Improves Client Management


Client cost before design. More complex designs need a broad range of experience and data to create a reliable perspective on cost. WCCI utilizes its vast expertise and diverse portfolio to create comprehensive estimates, alerting clients to potential project deviations, inaccurate assessments, or singularity of site planning with alternative solutions. 


Pricing pre-bid status. Estimates can vary widely based on a contractor’s perspective and experience. When pre-bid pricing is needed on a complex project, partnering with WCCI creates ease in a few areas. First, WCCI may find unique or unexpected costs within their proprietary assessments and customer-oriented solutions, enabling informed decisions and project pivots during the procurement process. Second, their insight eliminates the need to solicit pre-bid pricing from a single contractor.


Ensuring authenticity of estimates. Sometimes pricing needs to be assessed or affirmed after a contractor has been selected or the project has gotten underway. In these cases, Howes & Company utilizes WCCI as a resource to evaluate cost and verify project scope. Since WCCI has served varied projects built by different contractors in diverse markets, they have a more robust understanding of the process as a whole and therefore provide a priceless perspective on solutions. In contrast, an individual firm may be limited in experience or exposure.


Building into the future


Howes & Company employs WCCI’s niche cost assessment and broad talent base as a value add to their client’s projects, increasing Howes & Company’s ability to successfully navigate pre-bid concerns, mid-development checkpoints, and authenticity of bid analysis. WCCI’s multitude of data points comprehensively frames projects, bringing confidence to their estimates, and enabling Howes & Company to do the same. Howes & Company looks forward to building more success and client excellence with WCCI.

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