Introducing Prep2bid

Prep2Bid is a unique new program created by Willis Construction Consulting (WCCI), aimed at helping architectural and design firms achieve accurate cost estimates during the initial stages of the design process. Traditionally, the cost estimating process doesn’t start until the contract has been proposed to the design firm — or even until the contractors are hired, which can potentially result in mismanagement of the project’s budget. WCCI identified the gap in the typical construction and design process and created Prep2Bid to give firms a better understanding of the potential costs of a project prior to hiring contractors and project managers.

Prep2bid Brochure

WCCI’s end goal is to provide design firms and architects with cost estimates that will maximize their budget. In order to fully understand the project’s scope, they consult directly with the design team or client to ensure contractors and construction managers are allocating funds appropriately. Additionally, they will reach out to the marketplace, contractors, and subcontractors to check that costs are fitting within the estimate.

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Prep2bid Infographic

There are times when a proposed budget may be unrealistic for the project’s needs. This can be problematic because the fee and scope of work depends on the construction budget.  Prep2Bid steps in at that critical initial juncture to ensure the feasibility of a proposed budget in light of the scope of the project.


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