What Do We Do?

Provide clarity and assurance of project costs

WCCI provides clear and comprehensive estimates allowing you to have assurance in your construction budget. Our multidisciplinary capabilities; which spans civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing disciplines, allow WCCI to provide accurate cost data on all aspects of your project. The level of detail we deliver in our estimates provides our clients the ability to thoroughly understand the scope of each division and make cost-effective decisions throughout the design and construction phases. Our cost management process gives our customers the ability to financially plan, schedule, bid, and buy-out their construction project in the most cost-effective manner. 

Estimating Services

An accurate estimate serves as the roadmap for a project to be designed, bid and built in a cost efficient manner. Many of our clients engage us during the programming phase, and we remain involved throughout all phases of design and construction: including budgeting, conceptual through construction document estimates, bid reviews, contractor selection, value engineering, change order negotiations, and project closeout. Our team has a strong understanding of current market conditions, a vast knowledge of many different construction methods and keen attention to detail. It is our teams ability to provide comprehensive quantity take-offs, specific market pricing, and carry appropriate contingency and escalation costs that leads our clients to a successful project within budget from conception to completion.
Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies / Program Estimates
  • Preconstruction Estimates
  • Cost Reduction Reviews / Estimates
  • Bid Review & Reconciliation
  • Change Order Management
  • Pay Application Reviews
  • Project Closeout

MEP Expertise

With decades of experience as General Contractors, subcontractors, and vendors our MEP team possesses the knowledge to provide accurate and relevant advice concerning all areas of specialized mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on your project. Our MEP services include detailed MEP estimates throughout the design, parallel estimates with the trade subcontractors for bid pricing review, change order and value-added cost-reducing options. Our MEP team regularly performs field inspections to ensure document compliance, trade coordination, and project schedule analysis.
Our services include:

  • MEP Estimating
  • Subcontractor Bid Reviews (Scope & Price)
  • MEP Systems Cost Reduction Alternatives
  • Change Order Management
  • Project Management of MEP Trades
  • Site Inspections
  • MEP Systems Constructability Reviews

Claims Assistance

As construction experts, we are the ideal candidate when assistance is needed preparing or validating a claim. Our estimating and evaluation process addresses not only the merits of the claim but also provides a vehicle to settle any dispute. Our experts compile extensive cost documentation that can be analyzed and prepared for presentation that considers all potential areas of contention. These issues may include cost impacts such as disruption, the speed of the repair, logistics, availability of materials and manpower in the market, in addition to the direct scope of work.

Legal Services

Reliable experts are hard to find. We base our opinions on facts, which are supported by extensive research and cost data. We are sought out as construction experts for our testimony in industry specific legal disputes regarding cost. Construction practices and procedures are an integral part of our knowledge and as such we are second to none as an estimator and expert witness. Our experts will provide detailed estimates that that you can count on to assist you through mediation, arbitration, depositions and trials.

  • Construction Cost Claims Estimating & Analysis
  • Change Order Claims Estimating & Analysis
  • General Conditions Cost Estimating & Analysis
  • Cost to Complete & Delay Estimating & Analysis
  • Expert Testimony

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Our process of making your build effortless

1. Provide Unbiased Cost Management Advice:

While planning, designing and building a construction project we know that cost is most important. Hiring the right independent Cost Consultant will ensure your construction project is designed, bid and built within your determined cost framework.

2. Establish your Benchmark for Project Construction Budgets and Financing

A successful project begins with an accurate budget. You can rely on our estimates to act as the roadmap for the financial success of your project. Our detailed estimating and cost control services ensure construction projects are planned, bid, constructed and completed within your budget.

3. Clarify Scope and Parameters of your Project

Our estimates clearly define the scope of the project, available budget, and serves as the construction project baseline against which design, cost and program objectives are measured. Our estimates not only define the scope of the project shown in the blueprints, but include and identify all components necessary for constructability.

4. Protect the Integrity of Design Throughout Conception through Completion

Our estimates help protect the vision and design of your project by defining the related cost early in the design phase. Understanding cost early allows our clients to make educated decisions on the aesthetics, materials and unique elements throughout the design phases.

5. Cost-Efficiency Analysis & Suggestions

In every project we find cost-efficient alternatives without compromising value. Our estimators examine each component for cost-reducing alternative solutions and provide a thorough analysis of the entire project. Our analysis allows our clients to make timely decisions on changes in design, systems, and materials that benefit their project and budget.

6. Confirm Fair and Reasonable Pricing Throughout Project Completion

It is essential to have an independent cost consultant estimate your project to ensure the pricing you receive is not only fair and reasonable, but properly reflects the market conditions, labor pool, competition, and your specific project scope. Our estimates detail each CSI Division down to the units of work, define the General Conditions and General Requirements, and properly account for the soft costs. Our estimate is the best roadmap and negotiating tool you can have to make certain your project costs are properly accounted for from preconstruction to change orders.