Auld & White Constructors’ Preconstruction Expertise

Company Profile

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, for over 30 years, Auld & White Constructors (AWC) has built long-standing relationships throughout Northeast Florida by providing open communication, innovative ideas, and diverse construction solutions. The AWC team consists of over 140 construction professionals, with nearly 65% being field craftspeople. The firm specializes in design-build, construction management, and general contracting services for new commercial construction and renovation projects, taking on a wide variety of project types. Along with its construction services, it provides accurate budget projections and conceptual estimates for its clients.

AWC has established a reputation as a problem-solvers who expertly handle logistical and budget-related challenges with its clients to provide the best result possible. Over 80% of the work it takes on is from repeat clients who can testify to its ability to build solid partnerships and the results expected of a professional in the construction field.

Needs and Challenges

Increasing knowledge in new areas of construction management is essential in this industry. As AWC continues to grow, the company explores areas where it wishes to expand its service offerings. At the beginning of 2012, they engaged specialty consultant Willis Construction Consulting, Inc. (WCCI) to exchange ideas about opportunities for growth and learning in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) fields of its preconstruction projects. AWC faced increasing requests from clients to provide direction about MEP systems choices, cost parameters, and life-cycle analyses for projects prior to engineer involvement. To support this need, AWC engaged WCCI to provide preconstruction guidance from its unique lens.

How WCCI Helped

With WCCI, AWC found more than a one-time advisor to assist in a specific area of growth. Its partnership proved to provide lasting benefits to the present day:

  1. Fulfilled role: WCCI’s staff of informed experts, each with years of experience on the ground in construction projects, provided the support that AWC needed: a reliable preconstruction service advisory, evidenced by its knowledge in MEP and many other areas. Its success as a partner has earned WCCI a placeholder on its organizational chart as a member of its preconstruction service team.
  2. Exceptional availability: The team of experts at WCCI prides itself on being available for any need its partners present throughout the design and construction processes. This was evident in the partnership with AWC, which found that it could speak to a WCCI team member at a moment’s notice and rely on them to jump into action in whichever area was necessary. Among other services, WCCI was attentive to time-sensitive deliverables, filled in the gaps wherever essential to promptly respond to customer needs, and even attended interviews with AWC to provide its expertise.
  3. New selling point: The team at AWC saw clear benefits from its partnership with WCCI, so much so that it now uses its history of success as partners as a direct selling tool for new and returning clients.

A Partnership with a Lasting Impact

As it looks towards the future, AWC plans to continue the relationship with WCCI. The next area that the firm has engaged WCCI on involves current estimation and data-collection platforms that have obtained industry-wide popularity. As preconstruction advisors, WCCI will provide valuable input on how to learn these systems and most effectively apply them with each client.

Willis Construction Consulting, Inc. has become an essential consultant to AWC’s team, so much so that the partnership has become ingrained in their process and even touted to customers and potential clients in interviews, discussions, and presentations as a value add. As a result, AWC continues to push ahead with the knowledge that they have found a partner to rely on for quality and clarity.

Auld & White Constructors (AWC) is one of Northeast Florida’s leading construction firms. By being locally focused, AWC leverages its deeply rooted connections to deliver maximum value to our clients. This, in addition to providing open communication, innovative ideas, and diverse construction solutions, has helped AWC build long-standing relationships, many for over 30 years. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help build a better future for you.

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